Working with Meaning (Introduction)

When my niece and nephew graduated from high school, I saw each struggling with the same question- "What now?"

I was reminded of the predicament you’re in when you’re 18 and start fumbling around with answers to this quandary. On one hand, you want a career that provides financial security, yet you also want to pursue something that offers a sense of meaning and purpose. Of course, it doesn’t take long to realize that pursuing one often leads in a different, sometimes opposite, direction from the other. So… What's one to do?

To try and answer the question, I have begun writing a series of essays that I’ll be posting here titled WORKING WITH MEANING. When I finish, I will shape them into a documentary that will include interviews with individuals who’ve cracked the code so to speak and are getting financially compensated to do meaningful work they enjoy along with interviews from scholars who have spent their professional lives researching and writing about this very topic. If you're interested in this idea, subscribe to my blog in the right column and you will get an email every time I post something new. Hope you enjoy!

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