My Octopus Teacher


While the film's title may be clumsy, Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed's film My Octopus Teacher is graceful and poetic. I'll end my superlatives there to simply say- Watch this film. Once you do, I'd then recommend Jane and March of the Penguins which work as excellent companion pieces. 

Craig Foster is our soulful guide and narrator in My Octopus Teacher who immediately puts us at ease. Connoisseurs of Science Fiction say the genre at its best tells us more about the present than the future. Do great nature documentaries tells us more about being human than the animals or environments depicted? Ehrlich and Reed's film helps one, compels one, to consider his or her personal life and it's span along with one's own struggles and endurance and, at times, triumphs. It also reminds us how finite yet sublime we and our world actually are. 

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